Who We Are

Welcome to Rustic Roots Rabbitry

Rustic Roots Rabbitry is a small family run rabbitry centrally located near the East coast of Florida. We are American Rabbit Breeders Association members and are active members of our local 4H.

We began with a pair of New Zealand rabbits and quickly expanded from there. We still have a small group of New Zealands and have worked with many other breeds including the American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla, Beveren, Mini Rex, Dutch, Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, English Spot, Satin, Rex and Havana.

We are currently only working with commercial breeds and have a small herd of American Chinchilla, Satin and Standard Rex.

It is our goal to produce the highest quality rabbits possible. We stand behind all of our rabbits and would never sell one that we would not keep for ourselves. Our focus is to breed for quality not quantity. No good ever comes from poor breeding practices.

If you are interested in a rabbit please check our available rabbits page or contact us to be placed on a waiting list.

We appreciate your comments and questions so please do not hesitate to contact us.