Closed Rabbitry

After much contemplation we have decided to close our rabbitry to the public. The decision was based on various factors, but most importantly it is for the health and safety of the animals and ourselves.

There are many valid reasons why breeders would deny people access to their rabbitries. The following are some that have been considered when making our decision.

Housing and Care
We know that there are many websites and books that suggest potential buyers visit the breeders facilities to see how and where the animals are kept and to view the parents. These sources imply that if you are not allowed access then the breeder must have “something to hide”.

There of course are exceptions, but the breeders that we know that operate closed facilities take great pride in and care of their rabbits just as we do.

This doesn’t mean that the ones that operate an open facility don’t. It only means the ones that we personally know that are closed have nothing to hide.

Our rabbit enclosures are no smaller than the recommended sizes and are cleaned and maintained regularly.

The rabbits have constant access to cool, clean, fresh water and fresh feed and hay. They are fed a high quality alfalfa based pellet daily and are checked at feeding time for overall health and condition.

We take pride in how we care for our animals.

Disturbing the Peace
I’m sure your children are the worlds sweetest kids, but even the best behaved children can become disruptive in a Rabbitry in no time. Rabbits are a passive animal by nature and are easily spooked by strangers, noises and sudden movements. If kids are running around making noise and poking their fingers in the cages it is stressful on the rabbits especially those who are old, pregnant or with a young litter.

In addition to the risk for the rabbits there is also the liability of having people in the Rabbitry. Suppose someone sticks their finger in a cage and gets scratched, cut or bit. Denying access eliminates this possible liability all together.

Disease and Health
As breeders we have no control of where a potential buyer may have been or what potential infectious agents they may be carrying. Allowing the unknown into the Rabbitry exposes every rabbit to the potential hazards.

Bringing the rabbits to a neutral meeting place allows us better control of who is exposed and allows us to quarantine those rabbits should you decide not to purchase.

The introduction of an illness to a Rabbitry could have catastrophic and costly consequences.

It’s no secret that animal rights activists can be sneaky and will pose as potential buyers to gain access to the animals. I have heard horror stories where they were allowed in and then returned later to “save” the rabbits. More correctly it would be referred to as trespassing and theft, but not in their eyes. Our rabbits are well cared for and do not need to be “rescued” or “saved” despite what they think.

Dishonest People
Unfortunately there are still dishonest people in the world. A breeder recently told the story of how a couple came to their Rabbitry and looked at all the rabbits. The couple insisted on purchasing two of their nicest show rabbits. When told those rabbits were not for sale they purchased another less expensive rabbit and then returned later and stole the other two.

Serious breeders like ourselves have spent time, money, and mileage on acquiring excellent foundation stock and even more time and care developing our lines.

Allowing buyers access to only the rabbits for sale greatly decreases this possibility.

Stranger Danger
No matter how many conversations whether by phone, text, email or in person we have with a potential buyer the reality is still that we really don’t know them. Inviting them to our location may be completely harmless, but it could also be the opportunity they were looking for. Dishonest people may not be interested in a rabbit at all, they could be a thief or worse just looking to scope out your location. There is a reason Craigslist and other similar sites recommend meeting at a neutral public location. Safety and privacy are a huge priority. Would you be willing to let a stranger onto your property?

In the past we had allowed people onsite. Some of them then decided to return at a later date, unannounced with a bunch of kids in the car, which brings us to the final point.

We are Breeders Not a Petting Zoo!
All too often potential buyers are not at all interested in buying a rabbit, they just want to use us as a petting zoo. We are not here for you to use as entertainment for your children or for those window shoppers that really just waste our time. Raising rabbits requires a commitment of time and money far beyond what most people think. In addition to the daily care of the rabbits we are also attending shows, dealing with other buyers, working our regular jobs and most importantly spending time with our family and friends.

As stated earlier the health and safety of the animals and ourselves is our highest concern. If you have a problem with being denied access to our rabbitry please look elsewhere.