In the Beginning

Starting Out

When it came time to select that perfect breed we ran into many struggles. The first being that there are so many distinct varieties of rabbit out there. It was overwhelming just researching the various breeds. Where do you even begin with a list that large? Through the research we decided to be on the look out for New Zealand or Californian rabbits. These breeds seemed to best fit our needs and were common enough that we should have no trouble locating some.

The second biggest hurdle was finding any rabbits in our area at all. We searched around local feed stores, classifieds and even talked with anyone we thought might know where we could find some. There were many wild goose chases based on hearsay. We were finally able to locate rabbits through Craigslist, which has proven to be a very good source for rabbits and rabbit supplies.

We contacted the poster of the first ad and found that he was only a few miles away. Great we found some rabbits! After further conversation we learned that all the rabbits he had available at the time were siblings. Not really a good start for a breeding program. I had visions of two headed rabbits overtaking the property. The overall quality of his rabbits looked good and the price was right so we decided to purchase one doe from him to get us started. We packed up our first rabbit, a New Zealand white doe and headed home.

So what is one doe going to do for you? Nothing more than take time and cost money. We needed to find a buck, but we had searched all the ads and could not find anyone in our area. The search was expanded further until we finally found it, a commercial breeder with all kinds of New Zealand rabbits for sale. Oh, but he was 2+ hours away and his price was twice what we had just paid for the doe.

Didn’t look like we had much choice at this point so we loaded up the van and headed west, way west. It seemed like it took forever to get there. When we arrived it was a little house on a quite street on the edge of town. Certainly we had the wrong place. There were no rabbits here or so I thought until we went around the back of the house. The property opened up into a huge backyard with a barn filled with hundreds of rabbit cages. Hanging wire cages stacked two high with a fully automated watering system. We walked through the rows of rabbits looking at all he had. Each cage had a record sheet with information on the rabbit inside as well as breeding info, litter sizes, etc. This guy had it figured out.

We selected our first buck. He was a young, but very well formed New Zealand red. We loaded him up and headed home.

In that moment Rustic Roots Rabbitry was born.

Since those early days we have continued to research the different breeds and have greatly expanded. We have added a few more rabbits including the Flemish Giant, Silver Fox and Mini Rex breeds.

If you are looking to get a rabbit as a pet, for 4-H, or maybe you want to start your own breeding program please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you in anyway we can.