Sales Policy

This sales policy may be changed at any time without notice.

For the safety of our animals and our family we operate as a closed rabbitry. Being a closed rabbitry means that we do not let others on site. We do encourage you to see the rabbit you are interested in first hand. We’re happy to meet you at a show that we may be attending or in a nearby public place. Please keep in mind that we do have a life outside the rabbitry with full time jobs and the commitments of a family therefore we may not always be available.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” rabbit. Each rabbit is evaluated against the ARBA standard of perfection for their particular breed. We try to let you know to the best of our knowledge the strengths and weaknesses of the particular rabbit you’re interested in. It is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to go over the rabbit and make their own decision.

Prices will range based on quality. Every litter has its share of culls or pet quality rabbits. The “perfect” rabbit does not come around in every litter. Those that closely match the standard of perfection may be kept or will be sold at a price reflective of its quality.

A rabbit is considered show quality if it is an overall good representation of the standard of perfection and free from any disqualifications. Being a show rabbit does not necessarily mean it will be a show winner. Competition is strong. You may do well in one show and not in another. We do not make any guarantees about show performance.

By purchasing a young rabbit you’re taking a gamble.
They may look promising at that age, but may not develop as well as anticipated. We can only guarantee at the age of purchase that a junior rabbit is showable and free of disqualifications. We cannot be held responsible for any changes as the rabbit matures.

No rabbit will be held without a non refundable 50% deposit. If he want us to hold a rabbit for you we will gladly do so with a non refundable 50% deposit. If you want to place a deposit on a rabbit please make sure that that is definitely the rabbit you want, the deposit is non refundable. If you change your mind and want us to hold a different rabbit another non refundable deposit will need to be made for the new rabbit. Please make sure you want the rabbit you put a deposit on. The only way a deposit would be refundable is if the seller was to cancel the sale. As the seller we reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time while the rabbit is still in our care. If we choose to cancel the sale the buyer would receive a full refund of their deposit.

A rabbit will be marked as pending when a hold has been put on that particular rabbit. The buyer wishing to hold the rabbit must pay the 50% non refundable deposit within 48 hours by PayPal or cash unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both the seller and buyer.

Deposits will not be accepted on any rabbits under six weeks of age. No rabbit will leave our rabbitry until it has reached eight weeks of age.

Rabbits will be held for up to two weeks after the deposit has been made. If you purchase a rabbit and are unable to pick it up by the end of the two weeks, unless discussed prior to the sale, the deposit will be forfeited and the rabbit will once again be available for others to buy.

All sales are final. We can only guarantee that the rabbit is healthy and free of disqualifications when they leave our possession. Once you take possession we can no longer be held responsible for the rabbit. We will not exchange rabbits for any reason other than a genetic defect not noticed at time of sale. If a rabbit dies we must be notified with a written statement from a vet explaining the cause of death. You must also either bring the dead rabbit back or send a picture of the rabbit clearly showing the tattoo number to show proof that the rabbit has in fact passed away. A replacement rabbit or refund will be issued if it is proven that the rabbit was born with a defect. No refund will be issued if the death is deemed at fault of the new owner and resulted after it has left our rabbitry. If a replacement rabbit is not available at that time you will be placed first on our waiting list.

Return of a rabbit. If for any reason you find that you can no longer take care of your rabbit we will take it back and find it a suitable home.

If the rabbit was sold as show quality all paperwork including the pedigree and any winnings that rabbit may have received while in your care must be surrendered with the rabbit. There are no refunds on returned rabbits.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason at any point. No matter how insistent you are if we feel that you’re not prepared for rabbit ownership we will not sell you a rabbit.