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Litter Training Your Rabbit

If you are already a rabbit owner you are probably well aware that rabbits can be trained to use a litter box, but are you aware of how easy it really is? Usually all that you need to do is notice where your rabbit eliminates and place a litter box in that area. Most rabbits will immediately take to the litter box.

If your rabbit does not use the litter box it may be that their area is too large and they were annoyed by the box so they simply chose another location in which to eliminate. By reducing their area to roam you will increase the chances of them using the box. Once they get the idea of the litter box you can start giving them more space to roam and play.

In the event that your rabbit urinates outside the box clean it up with a paper towel and place the paper towel inside the litter box then use white vinegar or an enzymatic cleaner to remove the scent from outside the litter box. By placing the soiled paper towel in the rabbits litter box you are guiding their behavior. As the rabbit starts to pick up their scent in the box they will be more consistent in using it.

When it comes to rabbit litter make sure you use a litter that is safe for rabbits. Many litters contain materials that create a lot of dust. Rabbits are susceptible to respiratory problems caused by dust and oils from clays and certain woods and should avoid them if at all possible.

This is the litter we use.
It does a fantastic job with absorption and can be easily composted. We even started using this for our cats.