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What’sYour Purpose?

The rabbit world is full of options and before ever buying your first rabbit consider your purpose for having that rabbit. If you are simply looking for an adorable pet and have no intention of showing or breeding your rabbit, then your toughest decision will be picking the rabbit you like best.

If you intend to raise rabbits as a hobby or on an even larger scale you will need to determine your purpose for raising rabbits. It is not uncommon to have more than one purpose and some rabbit raisers successfully include all of them.

  • Show
    If your plan is to raise rabbits for show, starting with the best possible stock is critical. Try and acquire rabbits from well known breeders that have a show winning history. It is also important to have a basic understanding of rabbit genetics to ensure desired results.
  • Meat
    Meat production is one of the main reasons people start raising rabbits. In the United States rabbit meat is not as popular as it is in many other countries, but that is rapidly changing. We started seeing it our grocery store this year. Rabbit meat is incredibly lean and has a texture and look of chicken with a slightly sweeter flavor. Start with high quality commercial type rabbits from a productive breeder for greatest success.
  • Pets
    The pet market is not one I would recommend as a main focus. For starters there are plenty of rabbits available in shelters that need a good home. Secondly as a breeder you will have culls that are perfectly good rabbits, but do not meet the ideal for show or meat production. These rabbits can easily be sold as pets.
  • Fur/Wool
    The fur industry is not what it once was. Unless you raise Angoras fur and wool is likely a secondary purpose.
  • Profit
    Who doesn’t like making a profit? The initial investment getting started with rabbits will have its costs, but if you plan well, start with good rabbits and develop a reputation as a knowledgable and honest breeder you should have no trouble making a profit.

No matter your purpose for raising rabbits hopefully you will find it as enjoyable and rewarding as we do.